Where ever you may be, we can give you a fairly good idea of how any artwork will look by using 'virtual hanging'.

Simply send a digital photo of the location where you plan to hang it, and we will superimpose the artwork on the wall space.



We can emulate, to a certain extent, local lighting and shadows. There are also things that you can do when you take the photo to help make it more realistic:

  • Move plants and other things that would obscure the picture out of the way
  • Where possible, directly face the wall rather than standing at an angle to it when you take the photo
  • Make sure the area is well lit, and that the photo you take doesn't have a deep colour cast
  • If possible, avoid using flash. This will give you a photo with more natural lighting
  • Give a reference, such as ceiling height (where the ceiling and floor are both visible in the photo) so we can more accurately size the artwork.

Two examples of virtual hanging of commissioned artworks for a client on the Costa del Sol, in the South of Spain.


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