Three years of LBT – the quiet Forex revolution

November 2008

No personality cults, no outrageous claims, no hype, no never-ending-sell-ons. Just a framework for mindset, and a framework for your charts. That’s how we started and that’s how we will continue. And it’s working nicely, thank you!

We provide two essential tools for Forex traders. But you won’t find us shouting about them in the usual ways that you see in this over-excited industry. That doesn’t work. The point about LEFT Brain Trading is that traders come to realize for themselves that it is fundamental to their trading. We don’t need to convince them.

We have sold thousands of copies of our ‘Little Blue Book’, and more and more traders are quietly benefiting from the essential truths that it contains. Some read it, put it aside for even a year or two; but they often come back to it, and on re-reading it in the light of their experiences in between, have fundamental realizations about how Forex works and come to understand some fundamental truths about their own trading.

The first truth is that nobody is going to make you rich through Forex. That’s what you have to do. There are plenty of ‘promises’ out there that attractively suggest that the answer is in some product, service, extended educational process or mentor that can do it for you. A lot of them are very convincing. But when it comes down to it, when you press ‘buy’ or ‘sell’, you are on your own. Well, that’s not essentially true. Your have with you all your doubts, insecurities, ideas, limiting beliefs, emotions, confusion and so on that have dogged your life up to that point, and that have a huge influence on the outcome of that simple action of pressing that button. So, although it looks as if you are sitting there all alone, you have a lot of company – a head-full of distractions that are simply not helping you make a successful trade.

The second truth is that no matter what the markets are doing, the experts are saying, the world economic situation is suggesting, or whether or not you had a great Tarot reading the day before, the currencies continue to move to a fractal pattern on the Absolute Fibonacci Framework. They always have done, and failing some major universal shift that would probably result in extermination of the planet and make Forex an irrelevance anyway, our guess is that they will continue to do so.

So, the trick is to simplify and focus. It’s not to get caught up in the myriad distractions that pervade the internet and our lives every day. Have your own quiet revolution – inside.

Become clear and present by applying powerful mindset techniques to remove the distractions and practically address your negative subconscious programming. Discover for yourself the fractal patterns that are the keystone to all currency movements, when you are ready to see them. Maybe un-learn some of the un-necessary stuff that clogs your mind about Forex, because ultimately this is not about other people, the industry, complicated techniques and desperately seeking some mythical ‘holy grail’.  It’s very real. It’s about your life, happiness and contentment achieved by putting the necessary building blocks in place first and then letting the abundance in. It’s a pull, not a push. It’s about making it easy, not condemning yourself to a life of struggle. It’s about building a strong self, not chasing your ego.

Our Little Blue Book – LEFT Brain Trading – the right mindset and technique for success in Forex – is a good starting point for your journey. Like any book, it is only a pointer, a resource that can spark action. How you use it and what realizations you have as a result of reading it and applying what it says in honest and practical ways, is up to you. That’s just the way it is. And that’s the best way, because once you have done it for yourself, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how.

About the Author

Lewis is a multidisciplinary creative. A prolific artist, he works with a 'beginners mind', using a wide range of painting, cartoon, video and other media. He is an author and also coaches and provides brand development and marketing communications consultancy worldwide.

  • Gerard says:

    Hey Lewis…

    I will NEVER trade Forex without the Framework. It’s spot on! using it with MACD helps me see when the currency pair has lost momentum and your Absolute Fibo Framework allows me to see where it will complete a fractal set and reverse…
    I’m happy that I’ve redicovered LBT trade after a year long break….

  • Hi Gerard, that’s great to hear, and thanks for letting me know. I tried taking the Framework off once, and it completely freaked me out! It was like driving fast in the dark, without headlights!


  • Vimal Sheth says:

    Thank you.

    Thank you, Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean.

    I do not have words to express my gratitude to you both.

    I was constantly struggling for seven long years trading Forex and I lost a huge chunk of my hard-earned money.

    However, LEFT Brain Trading has enabled me to regain the confidence and I can now see the price movements with absolute simplicity and absolute certainty.

    That is the power of the Absolute Fibonacci Framework.

    Thank you once again, Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean.

    I cannot thank enough of both of you.

    May GOD bless you with everlasting joy, peace, happiness and prosperity.


    • lewisevans says:

      Hi Vimal, and thank you for your very generous comment. It is so gratifying to know that people’s live are changed for the better when they properly apply LBT and the Absolute Fibonacci Framework. Stay focused, (don’t get carried away with either positive or negative emotion!) and keep enjoying it!

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