Thank you so much for your articulated and stimulating presentation. You presented your story in such a way that you created so much room and possibilities for everyone to expand. Being authentic and real was so evident in your life stories and examples. Work of Art indeed...

Keiko Honda

Keynotes, talks and presentations

Lewis has delivered talks on a wide range of subjects, including:


Lewis has been on an artistic journey throughout his life that has taken him around the world - both inside and out. Along the way he has met and worked with some fascinating people and has been exposed to a wide range of modalities and techniques. He has grappled with the challenges of balancing head and heart, observation and judgement, failure and success. Always striving to work with a beginner's mind, his stories illuminate the value he has found in making that journey.


What is the nature of creativity and what makes it such an essential part of life - not just a pleasant pastime or frivolous indulgence? How can we tap into our creative selves---in business as well as in our personal lives---and how can we build a creative culture for sustainable success? A master of the creative process who continually demonstrates its power, Lewis brings creativity back to its rightful place---at the very core of every human being in search of answers, fulfillment and success.


The true nature of branding and why it is the cornerstone for success of any enterprise. Lewis illuminates the branding process with insights, images and creative tools that show why some branding works and why some doesn't. An essential grounding for anyone starting out in business.


From the industrial heart of Britain to the glamorous shores of Mauritius, Lewis has photographed it all, and met some very colourful characters along the way. With subjects ranging from architecture and oil exploration to fashion, glamour and more, he has many fascinating (and sometimes risque) stories to tell.


Told at an early age that he was no good at writing, Lewis eventually got over it in his 50s and wrote his first novel - a 460-page geopolitical thriller that received critical acclaim from professionals in the UK and USA. It all started out as a dream.

Future Perfect Now

What can we discover inside ourselves if we byepass our intellect and draw straight from our intuition and feelings? What wisdom do we inherently contain that we may not even be aware of? Join Lewis on a personal journey of discovery - his and yours!

Special events

Lewis created and presented Art 30, an event designed to build awareness of child and youth mental health problems and to support those living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. He set it up as a 30-day challenge to produce a series of 30 original paintings in 30 days.

Within 30 days, he gained sponsorship for the event and several other artists joined him in exhibiting their work for sale in support of the project. The event raised funds for the Institute of Families for Child and Youth Mental Health, as well as an inspirational abstract painting, produced during the event by its attendees, which now hangs at the entrance to Dodson House that provides accommodation for the homeless and where the event was held.

Lewis Evans welcomes suggestions for other events, for social or commercial purposes, that can contain a strong creative element.

Workshops and seminars

Lewis creates customized workshops and seminars for groups, small businesses and corporations.

For an example of one of his creativity workshops as well as other courses, see his Courses page.

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