No rules in the Creative Economy – interview with E Factor

The old business models don’t work in today’s socially-connected society and the traditional thinking that generated boom-and-bust cycles, conflict and dysfunctional practices has brought us to the ‘tipping point’—the limits of our own sustainability. The Creative Economy is an exciting new arena for those who see opportunity in every challenge and see creative growth as the catalyst for change.

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1 From crippling arthritis to radiant health: one man’s extraordinary journey

Red Toe, Red Door – how Metabolic Therapy cured my arthritis tells the story of one man’s 11-year struggle with unrelenting physical deterioration due to rheumatoid arthritis. It chronicles a personal journey from debilitation, pain and hopelessness, to physical and spiritual transformation, culminating in a powerful and dramatic healing that will instill renewed hope in anyone with chronic or acute disease.

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