Accidental celebs: illustrations inspired by stories of everyday folk in local newspapers

€198 each

Local heroes

Les premiers festivaliers

The representatives

The Parents' Association continue their action

The programme of activities is established

At the forum of associates

The good ladies of the committee

Illustration for 'Premier Christy Clark's downward doggedness - a bridge too far?' by Olga Sheean. Georgia Straight, 15 June 2015

Illustration for 'Beyond the carrot and the stick' by Andrew Woods. People Talk, Spring edition, 2015

Vancouver - greenest city.

One of a series of illustrations for Fit for Love by Olga Sheean

'Canada Day' as seen by First Nations?

This was also featured in a caption competition. One of my favourites, from Gary Keenan was: "Your Holiness, this is a lot of easy money from American Catholics, but in twenty years there will be three billion Muslims worldwide. Maybe we should consider changing sides - greener pastures and all."

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