You may feel that way right now, especially if you are used to buying smaller pieces, but it's far more exciting to make one big, bold statement, than have lots of smaller pictures that you don't even notice after a while. And you may surprise yourself - a large piece very often works even in a small room, powerfully creating a new dimension to the space. If the space you have in mind is physically smaller than the artwork, maybe think about getting a smaller print.

If you really like the art - it's exciting, fresh and interesting for you - maybe you've moved on from the time when you decorated your place. Life is a journey and it's so important to keep moving forward. Hang the art; change the decor later. You'll be glad you did!

Maybe your accountant would agree, but think about one thing. What is the point of life if you don't follow your heart? Where there's a will, there's always a way, and it's much better that the artwork is providing some value than sitting in a gallery or in storage. Contact Lewis and find a win-win solution!

When did you last look at a beautiful sunset and try to understand it!? Some things are there simply to be enjoyed, and if you don't understand it, that's OK. Any way, you may quickly tire of something that is obvious. Sometimes it's better to spend time exploring an image, find new meanings and understandings along the way. That keeps the experience alive and engaging.

Of course you can! it's your place, isn't it? Why hide your passion for beauty from your family and friends? They will surely like you more for truly being you and expressing yourself. And you may discover more about the nature of your friendships as well as enjoying something that moves you.

That's another reason why we deliver. Airline travel ain't what it used to be, but there are still plenty of good delivery services that can save you the hassle of trying to figure out a way to get your new artwork home safely. And it's only charged at cost.

Well, nobody wants to bust up a happy relationship over a piece of art, but you know, it's also important in any relationship to retain and nurture your own taste, ideas, passions and everything else that makes you the interesting and loving person that attracted your partner in the first place. If you stop doing that in an effort to please your partner, then the relationship is becoming something else entirely.

That's why we have our 'virtual hanging' service. It's pretty cool. Check it out by clicking on this link, follow the instructions, and hey presto, you can see what the artwork will look like in your place before you've even bought it! And you can do that from anywhere in the world.

Of course it is, if you love it! Personal, emotional and creative investments are probably the most important ones you can make. If it's all just about money though, that's sad. If you think about it, most of the things you have bought in life were bought because you wanted them, and they added enjoyment to your life whether they fell apart after a while or lasted for ever. Whether the financial value of any artwork will go up or down is always the Big Unknown, but so far they are only going up.

Sometimes a painting can disturb something within us, and it may not feel comfortable. You may not want it in your home, but it may be worth exploring why it stirs or disturbs you. It may be awakening something in you that you keep hidden, or that needs to be expressed. Art often speaks a different language to the one that we are used to, and invites us to think about and look at things in new ways.

OK then, let's hear them.
There are sure to be ways to break your resistance - if you want to! Click on the link below:

I'm just stubborn, please help me see reason.

Having said all that, here's what really matters:

Go for what feels right for you.
Don't let anyone else tell you what has value,
what you should like or that you can't have it!​

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