In this unique futuristic journal, artist and author Lewis Evans vividly envisions his ideal future life, interweaving philosophical reflections on art, business, creativity, human potential and the everyday wonders of human existence.

"An inspiring blend of real-life wisdom, transformative insights and eloquently rendered prose that transports readers into their own powerful musings on creating a personal reality with intention, focus and feeling." 

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Like the everlasting present moment, each page of daily delving exists as a stand-alone freeze-frame of time, with no beginning, middle or end.

"A delicious, rapturous read, this book lifts us up to where we belong."  

They say

A fresh, original, inspiring guide to living everyday life better…

"In this empowering guide, Evans takes readers on a personal journey, sharing his profound insights and charting ways to cultivate one’s understanding about the future to facilitate celebration of human potential beyond limiting concepts.

"Evans declares that people try to look for some kind of issue in their search for meaning, thus setting themselves up for a rat race where they end up serving the dysfunctional interests of others instead of relishing the simple beauty of just being. In their endeavor to follow the accepted paths, they lose their inner shine, exhausting themselves in a seemingly everlasting mire that does nothing but weigh them down.

"Through his collection of inspired journal entries spanning 365 consecutive days, Evans recommends readers envision themselves as a part of the whole in order to return to their higher faculties. Only when individual egos fade away and a true connection is formed, he says, can people be truly happy. 

"Readers feeling the impossibility of a better future will be uplifted and reassured by this enlightened approach.”

—Book Siren

Mirjam Schouten

"Deep, daring, wonderful words from out-of-the-box artist, designer and author Lewis Evans—clearly, a very wise man, creating his perfect future, as we all can. In Future Perfect Now, he shares inspiring insights into how to dream up your own future, rise above all the mayhem and connect with your inner magician, with the love for his muse as a big driver."

MC Schouten, BASc
Transformational healer and PR consultant

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