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What if...

I just started writing, by hand, exactly one page, every morning, for one year; 365 pages, written without forethought, preparation or agenda, while holding a vision of my perfect future life and the intention to manifest it.

In this unique futuristic journal, 
artist and author Lewis Evans vividly envisions his ideal future life, interweaving philosophical reflections on art, business, creativity, human potential and the everyday wonders of human existence.

"An inspiring blend of real-life wisdom, transformative insights and eloquently rendered prose that transports readers into their own powerful musings on creating a personal reality with intention, focus and feeling." 

Like the everlasting present moment, each page of daily delving exists as a stand-alone freeze-frame of time, with no beginning, middle or end.

"A delicious, rapturous read, this book lifts us up to where we belong."  

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