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The swimmer - Lewis Evans

The swimmer

My painting, The Swimmer, speaks to the heat of the Vancouver summer in 2015. The swimmer prepares to dive into the cool water. An opportunity to paint a figure study about physical fitness in the glare of the afternoon sun. Original and prints available at Saatchi Online.

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Are you having phony phun?

Are you having phony phun?. Great new article by Olga Sheean. We’ve all joined the big wifi party, but none of us know what the long term effects – both health-wise and socially – will be. As the inventor of one of the early cellphone microwave protection devices, I know quite a lot about this, […]

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1 From crippling arthritis to radiant health: one man’s extraordinary journey

Red Toe, Red Door – how Metabolic Therapy cured my arthritis tells the story of one man’s 11-year struggle with unrelenting physical deterioration due to rheumatoid arthritis. It chronicles a personal journey from debilitation, pain and hopelessness, to physical and spiritual transformation, culminating in a powerful and dramatic healing that will instill renewed hope in anyone with chronic or acute disease.

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