Lewis Evans art sale

French Creek

Sunday 21 May 2017

A rare opportunity to buy original artwork by eclectic British artist Lewis Evans.

As a long-time supporter of the arts and local communities, Lewis is happy to donate 25% of his sales to the McMillian Arts Centre in Parksville.

A highly accomplished artist who has exhibited in New York, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, Ireland and Canada, Lewis has a unique diversity of styles, formats, media and social commentary.

No two pieces are remotely alike and subjects range from a peaceful Buddha image and a life-size majestic pelican in flight, to a striking four-piece burst of cosmic energy, a diamond-shaped abstract of textured colours, and a beautiful young girl from an East Indian brothel.

Come and experience the power of Lewis’s large oil paintings, vibrant colour-ink drawings, graphite life drawings and pastels.

“Lewis’s art has completely transformed my home. I’ve moved many times but his paintings always go with me. They bring my home to life and generate a powerful presence. I’ve replaced my furniture many times, as my tastes changed, but these paintings have a unique and eternal place in my heart and my home.”

How to take part in this art sale

1. Please browse the artwork online, before you come to visit. Take a look and see what inspires you.

Original oils for sale can be viewed at Saatchi Art Gallery.

Quick ink and graphic life studies can be viewed at here.

Other artworks can be viewed can be viewed here.

2. If you see some pieces you like, please e-mail (include the names of the pieces you like) or call Lewis on 778 763 0099 so he can have them ready for you to view. Then, should you wish to, you can make an offer - but if course, there is no obligation.

(Some of the pieces have been packed for shipping, as Lewis will shortly be leaving the Parksville area. However, he will be happy to make any pieces available if there are some that you are interested in viewing.)

Lewis’s eye for the essence of what he paints is something I appreciate. He brings to life that which is most subtle to that which is brimming with intensity. He also has a terrific sense of humour and that levity can dance on the canvas, too.

Ann Duffy
Ann Duffy Group

Lewis Evans is a fantastic artist! His paintings are brilliant and I’m captivated by the honesty and emotion in all his work. His paintings will always be a part of my collection.

Reggie Barnes

Lewis has uncommon knowledge of how the creative process is an essential part of human life and he is able to help people dig deep into themselves to find their innate creative spirit.In his life drawing course at the McMillan Arts Centre, I experienced not only my own growth and transformation as a beginner, but also each of the other individuals in the class experiencing something that allowed them to move forward in their exploration of an art practice. I am changed by the experience and look forward to what I will draw next!I would say if you are leery of taking an art class, especially life drawing, take a course with Lewis and 'get over it'!

Heidi Abbott
President, Oceanside Community Arts Council

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