An excellent article about the Amazonization of our reading environment

I took a look at KDP Select, almost signed up for it, then backed out hurriedly when I realized what was going on and the implications for me and other writers. Here’s a great article that creates some perspective around the publishing situation today.

“Barely a month goes by now when the Seattle giant does not either outmanoeuvre a competitor or redefine a sector. Last week was a good example where it did both.

At the beginning of the week it bought 450 children’s titles—its first ever acquisition of a publishing list: bought in order to provide compelling, and exclusive, content for its tablet device Kindle Fire (to the inevitable cost of Barnes & Noble). At the end of the week it launched KDP Select, a service for ‘indie’ writers that locks them up in the Kindle-verse with the promise of ill-defined riches—further establishing its lending credibilities, while moving the goalposts for all other self-publishing companies.”

Read the complete Bookseller Article from FutureBook

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