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A winner for charities, artists and business. Can you make art work for you? | Lewis Evans

A winner for charities, artists and business. Can you make art work for you?

I’d almost forgotten about it, travelling for the last six months as I have been. But I still think it’s a great concept. Making Art Work is a website concept that I developed some time ago when we lived in Vancouver. The idea is a win-win for artists, charities and the local (or international) business community. I just got it going, but I found that dealing with charities in the Vancouver area was like wading through mud, so I lost the impetus the project needed to really make it hum. Here are the details. If you feel you can make something of it, or you would like to help me develop it, just give me a call or drop me a line. I have loads more information and ideas to share on it.

Press Release

Making-Art-Work – generating funds for charity and building meaningful links within the community

Vancouver, BC, Canada—1 October 2007

Artist Lewis Evans is introducing a new way to buy art that benefits local charities and facilitates networking among local businesses, artists and good causes.

Making-Art-Work is an internet-based initiative that is designed to generate funds for Vancouver-based charities through the sale of art. For each piece of art sold from the website www.making-art-work.com, Inside Out Media (Lewis’ company) will donate 30% to a local charity that the purchaser can choose from a drop-down menu. Only ten charities will be invited to join the list, and they will represent a wide variety of charitable causes. “I am looking for a good mix of charities” says Evans, “that represent a spread of concerns throughout the local community. Making-Art-Work can help by increasing awareness of these causes and providing some funding for them.” By limiting the number of charities, Evans intends to keep the service more beneficial for those involved.

It can be a tax write-off for the customer, it creates valuable funds for the charity, exposure and networking for local artists, and an opportunity for all involved to contribute to a good cause.

The website is in its early stages but it already has three charities on board and more are going through the process of joining; and encouraging their supporters to add links. Evans says that it’s a great way for companies and individuals who have websites to sponsor good causes and show concern for the local community – without having to spend anything on the initiative themselves – by helping to drive interested parties to the website. Additional artists are starting to come on board, starting with the recent addition of Jeanne Krabbendam. Evans is sourcing artists who are selling well and who would like to make a contribution in this way. “This is a great way for artists to sell their work.” says Evans, “The real cost of selling work is often greater that what we charge them, they are able to make a real and valuable contribution to the local community rather than their commission getting swallowed up in other ways, our arrangement with them is not exclusive and they get a chance to build a relationship with their customers.”

The website will be developed as a launchpad for locally based cause-related marketing initiatives (that can be extended beyond art products) and will be a resource for the networking participants to actively promote charitable donations in a sustainable way. The strapline ‘Contribution through appreciation’ reflects the spirit of Making-Art-Work. It’s a win-win for all involved.

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stefanaccio - October 17, 2008 Reply

Do the charities need to be Western Hemisphere of can they be located also in Europe?


Casale in Abruzzo

lewisevans - October 17, 2008 Reply

Hi Stefanaccio. I would like to expand the idea to cover the world. At the moment, I am hoping that I can get some help re-developing the website so it could work on that level. Do you know of anyone?

By the way, nice house! We did look at the details, as we are planning to be in your area next month!

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