A call for papers – what’s stopping us?

This is my answer in response to this post by Aainaaa-Ridtz ArRashid’s note on Facebook.

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Wonderful idea! However, why do I have a sinking feeling when I read your proposal? You have twenty people on this note at the moment, so you could get at least twenty very intelligent, clever and passionate ideas, carefully formulated into convincing papers, as to how we deal with these global problems.

Just 20. Out of millions of people who also have brilliant ideas. Each coming from their own background, their own set of circumstances, their own hearts. Each one as perfectly valid as the next, because they relate, is some appropriate way, to their perception of the problems based on their knowledge, experience and how they have received and processed the information that has been made available to them.

In other words, each of us reacts to our circumstances. In matters such as these posed in this note, we all think ‘oh, this is so overwhelming but we must find a way to fix it’, and we revert to the seemingly impossible task of dealing with these circumstances. But the circumstances are huge and our influence is small. And we perceive that there are huge forces – governments, money, armies, nature and so on – that we have to find some way to overcome and change.

How can we do that in any way that is coherent and powerful, and really likely to have an effect? Especially when we realize that we are creating those circumstances and are an integral part of the problem, because we are simply reacting to circumstances. So we are, in fact, sustaining it as well, because incoherent protestations from within the problem are never going to change those circumstances.

Change comes with us first realizing that we create our own circumstances. Therefore we can change them. But if we live reactively, we are not going to change anything. Change starts with the knowledge that we are empowered to create new circumstances, and that true power resides not with politicians and ‘world leaders’, but with each of us. Yes, we’ve heard it all before. But that is also part of the problem. We can so easily revert to well-worn phrases, or say ‘well, I did my bit’ after the heavy wheels of circumstance have nullified our efforts, or bask in the admiration of those who admired our valiant efforts.

But this is a story that has been running since time began, for this planet, at least. And yet it is only as long as the individual lives of each one of us. It’s our personal journeys that make the world. Each one of us. There is no magic formula. Incredible and as chaotic as it may be, we are each of us learning as we go, so who are we to tell others how to do it? And how relevant is anything we may perceive to be an answer when it comes from such a narrow perspective of our individual mind? Isn’t this process going to perpetuate the situation because it is just another way to try to convince people of one perceived route over another? Vote for me, my idea is best! Which eventually turns into, do it my way, or you are wrong. And so it goes on.

So, it’s inside that we need to turn, not outside. That’s where we will truly connect. But we all have practical work to do to change our limiting beliefs, our negative subconscious programming, our circumstances. ‘We have to take action now! We have to be practical! This is urgent!’ Yes, but we have to be in the right place inside before we take action. Otherwise, look what happens. Then the proverbial light can shine and the butterfly effect moves to the positive.

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AainaA - October 21, 2008 Reply

Brilliant answer. Could I re-publish your response to this quandary ? If so, please re-submit it to me via email, with all the necessary and pertinent information.



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