Artist: Lewis works with a beginner’s mind, imbuing his artwork with an intuitive freshness that defies a definable category or style. In drawing on his subconscious, he produces artworks that reflect feelings and concerns, both personal and planetary, in abstract and representational imagery. In deliberately not developing or building upon a recognizable technique, he stays in the moment, while striving for honesty on a personal journey of continuous discovery.

In the early 1990s, he spent many weekends with a community of artists at the home of the film director, the late Stanley Kubrick, who lived near him in the UK and whose wife, Christiane, is an accomplished artist. Here, he experimented with new methods and media, before setting up his own art studio.

He has exhibited in New York, Marbella, Geneva, Vancouver, France, Switzerland and the UK. He owned the Lewis Evans Art Studio and Gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada, before moving to France.

Creativity is at the heart of all his work, with his art fully integrated into his life, providing inspiration for his wide-ranging activities.

Author: He has published both fiction and non-fiction titles. In 2006, he published LEFT Brain Trading—the right mindset and technique for success in Forex, featuring a proprietary trading technique based on the Fibonacci sequence. His 2011 novel, Hominine, is a timely geopolitical thriller that received critical acclaim. In 2021, he published Future Perfect Now—a profoundly personal and eloquent visionary journal, rich with emotional and philosophical elements that echo and feed his approach to his art.

Marketing communications consultant: Lewis develops brand and marketing for companies and organizations. He is currently a director of a company providing nature-based solutions for problems with water purification, conservation, re-use and regeneration.

Humanitarian: As a director of an NGO providing technological help to third-world organizations in conflict areas, he contributed to the capacity-building of the NGO to the point where it provided assistance to millions of Syrian refugees and displaced Sudanese.