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​"​Staying outside the box until they put me in one."


Lewis is a mixed-media artist who has exhibited internationally. He continually challenges himself to operate with a ‘beginner’s mind’, working in an intuitive and heartfelt way.


Lewis’s eye for the essence of what he paints is something I appreciate. He brings to life that which is most subtle to that which is brimming with intensity. He also has a terrific sense of humour and that levity can dance on the canvas, too.

Ann Duffy Ann Duffy Group


Lewis has published both non-fiction and fiction titles and is a prolific blogger. His novel – Hominine: a time to choose – is a gripping ‘geopolitical thriller with a conscience’.


Hominine is a penetrating page-turner by a new writer with an awesome command of the issues and dangers facing humanity in the 21st century.

Bernie Corbett General Secretary, The Writers Guild

Speaker, facilitator and more

A compelling speaker and workshop leader, Lewis inspires individuals and organizations to go beyond their perceived limits and discover the empowerment, growth and success that comes from activating their creativity.


Lewis totally engaged the audience with his stories and knowledge around creativity. He opened many eyes to the potential of harnessing its power to make our personal and professional lives more lucrative, pleasant and productive. The audience simply loved him.

Roger Killen TEDx Stanley Park

Business catalyst

Lewis Evans is an innovative change-maker and business catalyst focusing primarily in branding and marketing communications, while drawing on his wide-ranging creative expertise.

Through Cogenica Media Inc., he facilitates positive, measurable and sustainable success for businesses and organizations.


Working with Lewis is not an expense; it’s an investment with a high ROI.

Isabelle Mercier - Co-founder, Leapzone Strategies

Here’s why I love working with Lewis. He is one of the rare ones that ‘actually get it’. His innovative, results-oriented and hands-on approach make him a real asset to anyone wanting to grow in a meaningful and impactful way. Working with Lewis is not an expense; it’s an investment with a high ROI.

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